The Body and shape cross each other like a map in the state of mind across the universe. Men and Women are in according to each other to connecting to their own sixth sense and find an equality in the harmony of the sexuality to select the one.


Photography Leonardo V, Total Look Tom Rebl

Photography Leonardo V, Total Look Tom Rebl













Concept and Photography by Leonardo V

Stylist: Alice Manieri

Model: Thanks to Whynotmodel@Milan,Womenmodel@Milan,Urbanmodel@Milan,Boommodel@Milan,   Beyondmodel@Milan

Assistant: Ilan Wagner and Elia Spielberg

Hair Designer: Stefano de Barbieri

Make-up: Tonia

Production by Dennis Bornheim & Kasya Kuspiel@LAMED

Copyright for every Picture: Leonardo Vecchiarelli

All rights reserved by Lamed Association 2013-2014