Who are these Woman who fell from Mars. Are there just a beautiful Vision of the feminine third kind. Why have they come to us. To enchant all men and woman on this planet. We dont know. But on this one lucky day they grace us with their presence and stop by  get their Image captivated by International renown Photographer Leonardo Vecchiarelli

Photography Leonardo V

Photography Leonardo V










Concept and Photography by Leonardo V

Assistant Photographer: Elia Spielberg, Ilan Wagner, Abraham  Sauerberg, Jonas Weinstein

Stylist: Anastasia Agurbash

Stylist Assistant:  Gabriella Consalves- Gaia di Troia@ Caterina da Siena School@Milan

Make Up: Tonia Calzerano

Hair: Pawel Solis@MKS

Models: thanks to Bravemodel@milan, WomanModel@MIlan, Beyondmodel@Milan

Production:  Kasya Kuspiel@LAMED

Post Production: A/O

Copyright for every picture: Leonardo Vecchiarelli

All rights reserved by Lamed Association 2013-2014