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Leonardo Vecchiarelli Fashion Photographer, Artist, Creative Director, FilmDirector

He spent his childhood, in  “Fellini’s Rome” and unconscious of his naturalness, and hanging out with the giants  of Italian cinema, dedicated his teenage years to study Art at the Istituto di Stato per la Cinematografia e Televisione di Roma  “Roberto Rossellini” and the Istituto d ‘Arte “Silvio D’Amico”, specializing in Photography. Start practicing as a photographer at Cinecitta, where he takes pictures of the scene and attended soundstages. After the first national awards, he taught for a year at the Istituto  Superiore di Fotografia di Roma.. In 1992, performing the military service as the official photographer of the Italian Navy.

The passion for photography helps to make him one of the youngest professional photographers in the Fashion Industry. In a short time, in Milan, he became the assistant of Gianpaolo Barbieri; it was  just the beginning of  many brilliant collaborations, which  included to be Steven Klein’s assistant and later,  Douglas Kirkland. He lived and experienced  the world’s fashion capitals. The years he spent in New York, had privileged access to the world of celebrities, supermodels and pop stars. Works closely with Alex Gonzalez and the noted advertising agency A / R Media, working for well-known international journals (French Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Italy, Jane USA, GQ Italy, Glamour Germany, Flux, Marie Claire Italy, GQ Spain, Vogue Italy) and carrying out major campaigns (Trussardi, Fay Tod’s, Superga, La Perla, Max Mara, Gian Maria Buccellati, Faber, Gas, Kisses & Hugs).

As a result of personal events, that mark him deeply, he was approaching the world of Conceptual Art, experimenting with new visual languages. The tragic experience of a coma, marks the turning point in his artistic conception, he is reborn like a Phoenix. A man and Artist that combines all the qualities, already possessed and a special sensitivity. This new path led him to realize the cycles Midrash Shekinah, Portraits, Mater, The Great Transition, objects of popular shows.

In 2010 he won the first prize in the Intersection of Contemporary Art at the exhibition Kunst-Art of Bolzano.

Start working on the project Diamond Domina, which had the mission  to support  civil rights of  woman.

Collaborate with Alexandre Allard for “Planet Finance Foundation” and participated together with  Aldo Colonnello, Giacomo Celentano and Claudia Koll, for the project Music and Faith in theaters Villa Clerici in Milan.

He returened to the Fashion world by starting a new project for the young generations the” LeonardoVfashionbook”.

“Although I only worked with Leonardo once, he was dedicated, enthusiastic and reliable

with a keen eye for capturing details that others would have overlooked.

He unquestionably has a bright future ahead of him in our world

of photography.”

Douglas Kirkland


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