Vis A Vis Hotel, search for clues and answers across Sestri Levante in a twisting venture beyond dreams and reality, through Viktorija Michailova who solved the mystery of the lost bag in the Zeus Patio. 













Concept and Photography by Leonardo V 

Styling: Alice Manieri

Model : thanks to Incomingmodell@Milan

Assistant  Photographer:  Emanuela de Stefani and Jasmine Imbrioscia ,Ilan Wagner and Elia Spielberg

Hair  Designer:   Anteros

Make-up: Tonia

Production by Dennis Bornheim & Kasya Kuspiel@LAMED

Location@ Hotel Vis a Vis / Sestri Levante Italy

Copyright for every picture: Leonardo Vecchiarelli

All rights reserved by Lamed Association 2013-2014