Dear Reader of LeonardoVfashionbook, we are proud to presents our tribute to GIanfranco Ferre’, a great player of the italian fashion and to his unique style which has been far away from excesses,connecting creativity and style.

from the notes of Gianfranco Ferre’


Photography Leonardo Vecchiarelli

Photography Leonardo Vecchiarelli














‘….symbol of my style…. point of departure for reinterpreting the rules of elegance… playground for decomposing and recomposing….

Combination of tradition and innovation is what set in motion the story of my white shirt.Tradition in the form of the men’s shirt, an element which tickled my fancy for invention,incited my propensity rethinking the style codes in a interplay of pure imagination and design. This process requires always deep reflection on the concept of form. Never the same,yet unmistakable in its identity, a white shirt can be lightly billowing blouse, an impeccably tailored but severely masculine shirt, as sumptuous to place great emphasis of one of its parts – especially neck and cuffs -or intentionally to remove others: back,shoulders yet sleeves. It billows and rises with the face and sculpts the body like a second skin. It is the versatile medium of interpretation of the widest variety variery of materials: impalpable organza,crackling taffeta,shining satin, silk duchesse,silk poplin,georgette,chiffon…. In my personal lexicon of elegance I like to think that my white shirt is an universal term everybody can ‘’pronunce’’ in the favorite way’’.