Reblution is Revolution  for  the leading destination to the contemporary fashion identity  for Men and Women made with very sharp lines and careful cuts, creating basic but extremely elegant in high Luxury quality and often high-tech fabrics. His work leaves an undeniable imprint on contemporary culture and his influence continues to reverberate among the fashion community today.


Tom Rebl; Photography Leonardo V













By Michela Zio

Covering fashion, art and rock music, the German designer is one of most prestigious labels on the electro-underground fashion scene

His head quarter in viale Monte Grappa, in the heart of the Milanese Manhattan, is an extremely bright loft reflecting a mediated style between art and fashion. Among his works, the great Art-Deco-style chandelier, made of bronze chains and shoe sculptures. Tom Rebl is one of the most interesting contemporary designers on the international scene of dressy menswear, along with his Osaka’s mono-brand, in the Japanese temple of trends, which he’s going to replicate with a new boutique in Tokyo.
He is eccentric but aware of commercial dynamics, eclectic but clear-minded about the future of his brand and far enough visionary and surrealist to ride the wave of contamination between different artistic forms. The German stylist, born in Landau, in the suburbs of Munich, from a family of colour craftsmen, took his first steps in London. «I felt too much limited in Landau so I decided to move to the city I felt closest to my liking, without knowing exactly what I would do» tells Rebl.
So there we find him, studying art at school. «I began to hang around with creative youngsters and musicians from the electro-underground scene and I found myself working as a stylist for a band. I understood that my way was fashion. So I enrolled at Central St. Martins School and did my first stage with Marjan Pejoski, an authentic creative artist who became famous in 2001 for creating the well-known swan dress worn by the Icelandic singer Björk at the 73rd  edition of the Academy Awards ceremony. It consisted of a flesh tone suit covered with crystals, with a swan surrounding the pelvis and then climbing with the neck and the head on shoulders». After the experience with Pejoski, who then became KTZ’s creative director, Tom Rebl reached Luella Bartley, actual Marc Jacobs’ head designer. «I learnt a lot from her and I met many leading figures of the fashion system, such as Kate Moss, the woman I’d like to clothe for my first womenswear collection». The stylist finally came to Italy in 2005, seeking the best quality of materials and working closely with Italian craftsmen and producers. In this context, the project of a women’s collection is now coming to life in order to meet the requests from eighty international buyers, which purchase his clothes for high-level department stores, such as Podium in Mosca, or multi-brands such as Luisa via Roma in Florence, Dantone in Milan and Closed Case in London.
Since January 2008, when he debuted with the Shocking Radiance collection, dedicated to Elsa Schiaparelli, Tom Rebl has expanded his label’s offering to footwear, made in a workshop from the Marches, the unisex fragrance Bordello, also provocative for its olfactory pyramid, and sunglasses, launched last October.
Tom’s work focuses on the rock touch, clue element of any collection, which requires collaborations with some Italian stars, such as Piero Pelù of Litfiba and Sergio Carnevale of Bluvertigo, while cherishing the dream of clothing Ozzy Osbourne, his idol.


Photography & Concept by Leonardo V

Stylist: Leonardo V

Assistant stylist  Monica Wagner

Make Up Artist & Hair Designer :  Leonardo V

Model Agency thanks to  Joymodel@Milan, Nologo@Milan, Lovemodel@Milan, Majormodel@Milan, Whynotmodel@ilan, Urbanmodell@Milan,Bommmodel@Milan, Dasmodel@Milan, Beatricemodel@Milan, Popmodel@Milan, Nextmodel@Milan,Womanmodel@Milan, Bravemodel@Milan, Beyondmodel@milan

Production Dennis Bornheim & Kasya Kuspiel @LAMED
Post Production : A/O