This new cultural phenomenon reflects world’s changing social climate. The story of Matthias and Alain, that may seem distant, but in these pictures end up soon to interwine and embrace a common destiny, irrespective of the differences between the two characters.



Photography Leonardo V, Total look Amen Couture









The Androgyny Revolution



By Lucia Ghisellini

Game of Thrones is a highly successful HBO television series license plate is the saga of George RR Martin, “A song of ice and fire”. The intricate stories around the domain of the imaginary world of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros are not the only strong point of the story: the plot twists have left many readers with his mouth open, often horrified by the violence to which they are accompanied.

But besides the violence, dragons, kings and different dynasties stand out characters, and a lot different from each other. Never completely “good” or “bad.” Filled with the characters created by Martin facets are complex and interesting. Men of valor, cruel men, men too sensitive for war, innocent men, warriors, men, manipulative men, rich men, men who never give up. And the women.

The women of “Game of Thrones” are almost atypical

I’m not submissive and naive. They are cunning and clever, ready to do anything to protect something or someone or to get rich, revenge, survive.

They are mothers, daughters, orphans, young girls warriors, prostitutes, sisters, wives, lovers. Some are ready to conquer new territories, others think only of protecting their children, by any means at their disposal.

They are not just beautiful and quiet smilies mogliettine trophy of the various princes, kings or aspiring.

Malice and cunning are the equal of the male characters in the series, but unlike the knights do not have armor or swords or any type of weapon visible.

Do not be fooled: behind the beautiful clothes, hairstyles back, behind the ways in which formal and submissive women are relegated to the court, hiding women ready to do anything.

Are comparable to men? Yes, absolutely. There is no difference between the female and male psychology.

Just change clothes. The dress does not change his mind. Mind of man or woman that is.


Photography & Concept by Leonardo V

Stylist: Leonardo V

Assistant stylist Alice Manieri

Assistant Photographer:  Hadas Abrahams, Noah’ Asimov.

Make Up Artist: Susan Barack

Hair Designer: Orlando Wagner

Model Agency thanks to  Joymodel@Milan & Nologo@Milan

Production  Kasya Kuspiel @LAMED
Post Production : A/