Give him something extravagantly luxurios at moderate cost-a set Fougére Royale grooming luxuries is simple- SUPERLATIVE QUALITY
Elegance is made of many details that others cannot see
Fashion is change, Dream, Surprise.
LeonardoVfashionbook is avant-garde, Anticipation, Search for a new way to read the  new concept of FASHION  LVFB



Total Look by Gialuca Saitto: Photograpy Leonardo V












The Individual  Allure thinking “Xanadu” 

text by Leonardo Vecchiarelli

“Youngsters were born nomads and all human sorrow started when we felt no more the inability to stand still” said and wrote many times Bruce Chattwin, the English writer. The only thing he was obsessed with repeating. Cryptically traveling across the strangest jobs and talking through a great variety of media, throughout his life he interlaced different roles, styles, talents, countries and cultures on all Earth’s latitudes, never stopping. Not only from a physical, but also cultural and psychological point of view. As an author of immortal books, such as “The Song lines”, “In Patagonia” and “What Am I Doing Here?”, he anticipated a philosophical current that has recently spread like wildfire, gaining followers all over the world. The secret is carelessness, not to be intended as superficiality or banality. It symbolizes an intense and enthusiastic lifestyle, involving body and mind, which enables to discover inside any type of journey ceaseless possibilities of modifying a balance, which may suddenly become dynamic and floating. The ability of talking with as many tribes as possible, without withdrawing into the ghetto of dogmatism. The enthusiasm of getting dressed with clothes and traditions from any new part of the world they explore, but also freeing themselves from a close network of private and public obligations. Usually automatically embracing that carelessness that in shamanic religions is typical of initiates, ready to leave without cumbersome luggage or fixed guarantees. They travel on foot, by bike or they take the plane as if it were a bus. They quit the idea of a fate concerning life or work. So, thanks to more and more updated resources, they experiment. Maybe inventing new jobs or changing them when they find something more interesting. Some do it simply sitting on the sofa, others physically moving, discovering their cities or places at the opposite side of the planet. From all points of view, their growth depended on the introduction of the “world wide web” in 1993, when the mosaic program enabled them to “surf”. Unfortunately, Chattwin died many years ago and he could not use a computer. As he loved to get lost inside Arabic souks or Patagonian local markets, to discover the most refined objects, he would have been tempted by the mass of media pages, where graphics, images, sounds, colours and words create millions of escapes, let people discover charming oases by chance, or give an impression of landing on unknown islands. It is the fullfilment of a utopia imagined by Ted Nelson, the American visionary, in the Seventies. He dreamt of computers that could link all the available worldwide knowledge through a spontaneous and free of charge web hypertext. His utopia was named “Xanadu”.





Photographer & Styling          Leonardo Vecchiarelli
Assistant                                 Ilan Wagner, Elia Spielberg
Make-up artist                         Rita@TWA
Hair stylist                               Dimitar@Ficara
Model        thanks to Majormodel Milan, Beatricemodel  Milan, Nologo Milan, Beyondmodel Milan, ILovemodel Milan
Production  Lia Hofmann