A Sound Revolution sets out its self as a bold and adventurous Perceptives and observants the new generations are designed to be the preferred interface between Vibes & Creations, Need to protect them and help them manage their careers head off problems.

One of the wisest pieces of advice I’ve received during my career is “HR is your friend until things go wrong” meaning they are there to support all employees but when push comes to shove their first interest is to protect the company against law suits hard-done-by employees could wage and win. For some HR people, yes, that and self-preservation is their only interest. In my experience, that’s more about the person than the role. We learn how to move on from failure and accept it as part of our … We learn that it can actually get harder as your responsibilities grow especially when you are to young and is not accepted. And one way to utilize your days is by learning from your daily experience Your experiences in life are who you are, so it makes sense to take a look back and see which experiences gave or strengthened some of your skills. DON’T dealing with poor behavior and don’t accept emotional abuse. let it go and move on.
So’ Guys Fight for your rights & LIFE !



Photography by Leonardo V; Total look Tom Rebl






Photography style & concept Leonardo V
Hair & Make up Letizia Maestri Studio

Starring Models : Aleksander Vico, Gian Maria, Callum, André Fernandez, Leone, Daniels, Adrien Jacques,  L.Martinelli, Daniel Jurgs, Fallou, Liza S., Oksana, Lisa Varzari, Lucas Dambros, Kamila, Annet, Christina, Alessio, Andrew, Dominik, Mattia B., Cristina G., Mia, Karolis & Matas

Production Lia Hoffman Rei Donovan

Thanks to Joe T Vannelli Sound Factory

I Love model, Nologo model, Women model, Major model, Ice model, Pop model Boom model,

Brava model, Beyond model, Names model




Bananas model