pseudovérité incursion into the world of Parisian haute couture. Elegant, scathing humor together the various strands of this alternately glamorous and grotesque portraits of  the new faces is a daring deflation of cultural pretensions and institutions, dressed up in brilliant black and white structure, rhythms and chaos with reflective three-dimensional avant-garde fashion  looking forward into the future


Photography Leonardo V, Walter Van Beirendonck total look, hat piece handmade and make up by Leonardo V













Photography & Concept by Leonardo V

Assistant Photographer: Emanuela Destefani, Jasmine Imbrioscia, Ilan Wagner, Elia Spielberg,
Hadas Abrahams, Noah’ Asimov.

Stylist: Leonardo V

Make Up Artist: Tonia Calzerano

Hair Designer: Stefano de Barbieri

Model Agency thanks to Bravemodel@Milan, Why-not model@Milan, Das model @Milan, Women model@Milan, Pop model @Milan, Incoming model @Milan, Joy model@Milan,
MP modelmanagement@Milan, Love model@Milan, Major model@Milan, Nologo model@Milan,
Urban model@Milan,Beyond model@Milan

Accessories, Hat piece and Mask all handmade by Leonardo V

Production  Kasya Kuspiel @LAMED

All rights reserved by Lamed Association 2013-2014