Dear Readers of LeonardoVfashionbook what a  a beautiful article we can present to you today. A one of the top journalist Gloria Magni graces us with an article about fellow top journalist Paola Zanoni. Truly a highlight for international journalism and for Leonardovfashionbook

Paola Zanoni e Mialovich 0EM_7055

Paola Zanoni; Mialovich

Text by Gloria Magni


Dear Readers of LeonardoVfashionbook, we are proud to presents  Paola Zanoni, a famous Journalist without time.

This title seems to be an oxymoron, but,  being referred to Paola Zanoni, but actually it is not .
She is a blonde charming lady who is able to mix  an energic eclettism, gentle ways,  a curious and careful attitude.
She has a degree in political sciences, a past as a model, and she arose around herself an important fame in the  field of journalism, of public relations, event organization and  TV programs presentations.
But what do you answer when you are asked which is your profession? Thinking a moment, and laughing, she answers: ‘the journalist’.
And when you are asked what you will be going to do when you grown up? ‘I would like to become an expert in the Socrate’s philosophy of maieutic art: I like to help young people to mould their talents, to help them grow up professionally and it is for me a big satisfaction to  see  their accomplishment.’
Which are your next projects? “Many….among these, I am arranging an exhibition in Roma about fashion at the Vintage Cars Museum during the Haute Couture in Rome : a kind of talk between two designers, a  famous one and a rising one, linked to their region of birth.”
Not for the last, Paola Zanoni has a passion for social, real and not flaunted. She is involved in all these activities with a meticulous passion. Another oxymoron? no, not even this one…again .