Born out of a vibrant complicity between the artist Carlos Cruz-Diez and the fashion designer, the new collection Oscar Carvallo Couture spring-summer 2014, Voyage cinétique II, has been introduced in Paris last tuesday January 21st.

The designer and the artist already have collaborate in 2009 for an event in the Musée des Arts décoratifs and  this new collection Couture spring-summer 2014 has been revealed through a second visual and sensorial trip.

Converting the woman body in a piece of art, Oscar Carvallo introduces 35 looks which prints, shapes, textures and details have been created from six paintings made exclusively for the collection by Carlos Cruz-Diez. With his special care to details and finishes, Oscar Carvallo mix the silk, muslin, silk gazar, ant lace with neoprene, mesh and metal strips. With the interplay of colors and movements, the fine jewelry created by the artist complete the bright colors looks.

Tribute to one of the great theoricists about color, this collection puts into perspective the fascinating contribution of Carlos Cruz-Diez’s work as a whole.



Creditos Phedra Villalaz

Photograhy Phedra Villalaz












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