From domestic abuse to rape as a weapon of war, violence against women is a gross violation of their human rights. Not only does it threaten women’s health  and their social and economic well-being, violence also thwarts global efforts to reduce poverty. But especially their own dignity. Let’s stand up ! and making a Female Leadership Forum which there mission is to bring out the leadership qualities in young girls & ladies especially in higher institution, build their strength to stand as mouthpiece against  imbalance & violence against women and young people  around the world 


Photography Leonardo V











Concept and Photography by Leonardo V

Styling: Leonardo V

Assistant Stylist:  Alice Manieri

Assistant:    Ilan Wagner and Elia Spielberg

Hair & Make-up:  Rossella Villa

Production by Dennis Bornheim & Kasya Kuspiel@LAMED 

Copyright for every Picture: Leonardo Vecchiarelli

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