The Mystery of the Man in The Iron Mask has been a focal point for both doe eyed romantics and serious historians since the 17th century, generating countless theories about the identity of the masked prisoner. The interest continues even to this day, as evidenced by Dicaprio’s Movie. But the world is still no closer to discovering who this tragic figure was, and as the years pass, the chances of discovering of his  true identity continues to fade.

Photography Leonardo V, Mask by Andreas Eberharter

Photography Leonardo V, Mask by Andreas Eberharter













Concept and Photography by Leonardo V

Stylist: Leonardo V

Assistant:Ilan Wagner and Elia Spielberg

Hair & Make-up: Tonia Calzerano

Production by Dennis Bornheim & Kasya Kuspiel@LAMED

Copyright for every Picture: Leonardo Vecchiarelli

All rights reserved by Lamed Association 2013-2014