This season the duo  Aquilano-Rimondi even went as far as to incorporate key elements of  Matisse art into their bold  prints a vibrant artisanal  patterns, found a way to take the sartorial codes of that era and bring them forward to today.  it was Henri Matisse’s Chapelle du Rosaire de Vence in the South of France, known for its colorful stained-glass windows and its elemental black and white murals.
Is not a  tall order for  them that is inspired by a such artistic influence from all over the world and bring back into a great punch fashion show.
Full of   creativity and perfectly cut suiting, these garments are breath taking.
As a eulogy to the dragonfly who carries the wisdom of transformation and adaptability in any situation of fashion to reach their full potential in the evolving  feminine  rules in the history of  fashion giving  us  emotions that  their  have  mined  the Foundation of Fashion eye of Art and built a new cycle of  Fashion Design



Backstage Aquilano Rimondi Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015













Backstage Time