Dear Readers of LeonardoVfashionbook we feel honored that we can present you in our Magazin one of the most fabulous Jewellery Designer of World based in Italy. Andrea Buccellati. His Power came from the strenght of his Family. The rich Heritage will be followed by his daughter Lucrezia Buccellati


Andrea Buccellati; Photography Leonardo V

Buccellati Timeless Art

Article by Michela Zio
Concept & Realization By Leonardo V

Buccellati is one of the brands that best represents the excellence of Made in Italy . Founded in 1919 by Mario Buccellati ( the prince of goldsmiths, according to a definition of the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio ), for almost a century is one of the must-haves in the world, in the high range of jewelry. The brand is owned by Buccellati Holding Italy that by March 2013 he succumbed to the bottom of the hourglass 70 % of the shares, leaving the honorary presidency Gianmaria Buccellati, the father of Andrew and son of the founder, and the Presidency, responsible for the creative and product Andrea Buccellati .

Busy in the projects for further growth of the brand, already present in many international markets thanks to flagship stores operating in the United States, the UK and France, the Milanese entrepreneur, in this interview, it makes the point in his first year at the helm of the group . 




What does it mean , today , and what’s involved in working for a luxury brand in Italy ?

Our country offers many opportunities for creativity and product , while from the point of ista commercial domestic market presents many difficulties. But for us it is not a problem, since about 80% of the turnover comes from exports .

What is your target market?

Certainly the United States has always been for us  the number one. Where we have achieved the best sales performance in the last three years.

And what about the other markets?

In second place is Europe or rather the great European capitals, that collect an international Costumers. Then there is Asia , and also the Middle East.

How does  the tastes  have changed  of those who buy Buccellati jewellery ?

Globalization plays an important role in the choice of a jewel . And not only that . The Americans were once attracted to flashy jewellery, then favored by the Russians. Today however  even the lady from Moscow prefers, as the Japanese ones,  more delicate and refined lines . So there is more uniformity.

How important is the brand in the jewellery ?

The brand is paramount, but it is no longer a status symbol conveyed through advertising. Today, those who buy Buccellati jewellery choose quality and style and the History.

A long history of almost a century, that had  his father and grandfather Gianmaria Mario at the top of the family business . Do you have a special memory of your childhood among the jewels ?

I’ve always been fascinated by the manual work of our craftsmen and still today I wonder how they are able to achieve, starting from my drawings.

Because you are not only entrepreneur who chairs the boards of directors. Successful, despite the pressing corporate commitments, do you find still time to pick up a pencil and paper ?

My greatest satisfaction is to grow the brand in the world , on the road already taken by my father and my grandfather. Even if i find only the time to draw at night.

Andrea Buccellati and his daughter joined together in the design : Is it a beautiful sign of continuity?

Lucrezia is showing a great ability and creativity and although she works in New York we meet often , to sit at a table and draw together.

Could you tell us about any Future projects?

We aim for further growth in the world by also  opening new stores; After Chicago, just opened, we are about to launch other brand in Hong Kong and Miami.