Dear Readers of LeonardoVfashionbook we feel honored that we can present you in our Magazine a new project called “Diamond Domina” made by the  artist Leonardo V that it took 5 years of production. 15  Image taken around the world, revealing the personality of a multitude of women throught the encounter with dominant female figures in the history of mankind.


Diamond Domina

Text by Riccardo Pieroni
First, there was the “Mother-Woman”, then came the “cultured” woman during the Great Transition and now the woman “Diamond Domina”. In his research of the ideal female Leonardo Vecchiarelli crosses ages and cultures. Beyond space and beyond time.
How do you take a picture? How does anyone take a picture? Just look, frame, click… that’s it!
How does Leonardo take a picture?
First: the chosen woman. That woman will be “Diamond”. The Lady of Clarity, the Warrior of Perfection, the Empress of Toughness, the Goddess of Invincible Spirituality. Leonardo will focus entirely on her. For her, by her and in her. Diamond, the Inspiring Muse, will trigger the constantly changing creative process, anticipating times.
Second: the game of transformation. Let’s focus now on the Woman, on her eyes. Slowly distance yourself, always more, until you overstep physical space and conventional time. Fixing your eyes into hers, you will see the Woman’s shape, manner, clothing and context changing, but she will be the same immutable creature at the edge of the world to which she gives balance and safety. In a person or infinite people. In a life or infinite lives. What are the Woman’s eyes seeing? Beyond us. They pass through us to carry us more and more farther and we are allowed to pass through them to go deeper and deeper. There’s no surface in Leonardo’s photos, just interpenetration of looks.
Third: the set. The equipment of vital space, the selection and “construction” of clothing, lighting, make up. Hours of work, a lot of material work, prepare the ground towards the magical moment of incarnation. The Woman becomes “that” woman. This miracle can only happen on one condition – the Woman must be completely naked. Only void can be filled. It’s not the performance of an actress. We are not in a theatre. It’s one of the “souls” emerging and manifesting itself to us, to the photographer, to the Woman that didn’t know herself completely until that moment and maybe will never know her immensity. Leonardo’s images, so rich in signs, are always nude photos.
Forth: the construction of space. How many looks does a photographer have? What’s left of his journeys, his knowledge and his studies? Infinite images. Leonardo retrieves all the memories from his  archive/soul through his imaginative skills. It’s no coincidence that most of his memories derive from the history of art (rather art… without “history”). Only in this stage the Woman starts to live in a concrete, “pre-perspective” and almost medieval space. There’s no single point of view gathering together and coordinating elements but a coexistence of different and independent views fighting for the supremacy of look. Leonardo doesn’t need the PC to create illusions of a coherent spatiality but to show the paths of imagination limitlessly crossing memory. Big in small, far in near, short in tall.
In each of the abovementioned passages, with courage and irreverence, Leonardo ends up distorting photography’s own “nature” of looking, framing and clicking. The camera, designed to produce perspectives able of proving our looks’ exactitude, turns into a shuttle travelling through space and time. It doesn’t follow the chronological order of habit, showing instead the psychological mess of deep knowledge. The paradox arising from his working method is that there are no incidental elements in his images, as each detail has its own reason of existence inside a set of which we can never perceive the full extent. It’s a mystical view. For this reason Leonardo is an undefinable photographer, if considered among the consolidated critical categories. Uniqueness can’t be caged inside convention. Openheartedness doesn’t serve usefulness. You can only try to fathom the infinite worlds he offers until at least one part of his memory coincides with at least one part of yours. There we will meet!

Photography and Creative Director Leonardo Vecchiarelli

Starring: Christina Estrada Juffali


LEILANI; Fine Art Paper Limited Edition 1/3 plus 1 from the Artist Leonardo V; Copyrights with Leonardo Vecchiarelli; all rights reserved. Printing and reproduction forbidden