This season, John Richmond turned the volume of his rock ’n’ roll  in composing a more polished collection than in the past. Full of energy and expression in this season, deep carefully to every details who make the differences from others for Woman who wants to be part of the world.
As its fashion concept, is exposing an alternative lifestyle with a rebelling blend which is against the community that is in favor for conformist and repressive living. This fashion statement it shows freedom and a life that must be return to nature. But with an eye for both present and past  more sophisticated sensuality.
Stepping away from an overtly sexy mood, he focused on sharp silhouettes for dresses, tops and little zip jackets with organza sleeves and embroidered details. He treated leather with a soft hand for a biker jacket and shorts worked in laser-cut napa with a lace like effect, and took a casual attitude to dressed-up fabrics, including silk satin bomber jackets in bright tones of red and turquoise.



John Richmond Backstage Spring/Summer 2015













Backstage Time