Dear Reader of LeonardoVfashionbook we proudly present you one of Italy’ s most beautiful

woman “Cristina del Basso”.



Cristina del Basso; Photography Leonardo V












Text by Leonardo Vecchiarelli
The Other Face of Cristina

Cristina born in Como and based in Milan
her first appearance in the screen was in the big brother from Mediaset,her strength would emerge in the process of just being herself on screen.She is capable of greatness.
”I haven’t had an easy life, but it sure hasn’t been a dull one. And I’m pretty proud of the way this gal has held up”. During her beginning, Cristina apperared in 5 pictures in non-notable roles but some film directors start feeling that she has a deeply screen potential.

Amidst a sea of black-haired bombshells, Cristina stood out as one of Italians Beauty true screen sirens, with her legendary beauty and rollercoaster love affairs. The stunning Hazelnut-eyed brunette was often described as having the face of an angel and the body of a goddess.The role that launched Del Basso’s career, however, was the Big brother. A TV Show in Italy which launched other actors like Luca Argentero, Raniero Monaco di Lapio,Pietro Taricone… What was infinitely more interesting to fans, however, was her much chronicled off-screen life in which the wild child did what she wanted when she wanted; others be damned.
She is not  reduced to an object, a thing of pure physicality but more on


Photography & Concept:  Leonardo  Vecchiarelli
Assistant Photographer: Edoardo Peppoloni, Elia Spielberg, Ilan Wagner, Abrham  Sauerberg,Jonas Weinstein
Stylist:  Leonardo Vecchiarelli
Assistant Stylist  Giorgia Paris
Make Up Artist: Marzia Martis
Hair designer: Francesco Ficara
Starring Cristina Del Basso
Production Lia Hofmann
Post Production : A/O